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Natural ~ Organic ~ Effective ~ All Skin Types

Clients who understand and use quality home care will build your business - both with retail sales and repeat business - because your services will be perfect - and last longer than any other spa they have tried in the past. Educate them!

What's up pussy-cat?








Enzymatic Exfoliation
Physical Exfoliation
In-Spa: Heal & Sooth


Your Clients will benefit from the enzymatic exfoliation of natural AHA's & BHA's; Fruit and Sugar acids will break the bond of dead skin that will clog up any hair removal treatment. Willowbark will clear pores, calm skin and calm inflammation.

Based in Aloe - with NO WATER OR ALCOHOL You and your Clients get what they pay for! At home use prepares and treats you hard work.

In Spa treatments will go quickly and with less pain. Win - win!

(PART-1 OF = 2pc KIT)





Available in BackBar size for re-filling client's bottles. Not intended for immediate pre or post-wax use In-Spa.




Coarse, curly hair needs extra help in lifting from potential ingrown position. Body gloves and scrubs are good for dead skin - but this brush can truly uncurl hair and free it from it's curling action. Brushing speeds healing and stimulates the lymph system too!

This little brush is an integral part of the Bikini Kitty system! Quick and easy to use just prior to showering, it will make a WORLD of difference in all your 'problem' clients - from the stubborn ones to the pickers...

The key to success is physical exfoliation - use THE BRUSH!

(PART-2 OF = 2pc KIT)




Have client keep brush DRY and use daily.

Location. Location. Location!

New Detail: You can advise your client to trim the length of the brush for a stiffer bristle that will be more effective for those who can handle a bit more physical 'lifting'



The most delicate skin is often the skin that gets the most abuse! Even the most sensitive of skins will be soothed with Bikini Kitty's healing, cooling, strengthening solution. Lavender and Tea Tree clean and disinfect without alcohol. Witch Hazel clams and strengthens skin.

Calming Pre-treatment cleaner

Get the red out - AS YOU WAX!

Stop inflammation & swelling

Calm histamine reactions


Soothing Post-treatment mist



Available in 2 BackBar sizes. This is to be used PRE & POST treatment. Clean skin without residue or alcohol.


As a Retail item this is key for your most sensitive clients. Builds a stronger, more resilient skin pre-treatment, takes the red out and helps them wax more often.








Intensive Spot Treatment


Any spot you see fit to get rid of will benefit from the six tricks in Deep Six: Acne, Ingrowns, Scars as well as UV damaged ares (Sun/Age) spots.

Equal parts of Glycolic Acid, Willowbark and Organic Rooibos Extract are blended with the expert delivery of Castor Oil and then topped off with Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.

Sun protection is VERY important in any area you plan to use AHA's like Glycolic Acid - Be smart - use SPF!


Start the deep treatment right away and speed healing. Can be ordered without the roller-ball for hygienic application with q-tip.


@ HOME USE: Can be used up to 2-4 times a day. Roller ball application makes it easy and convenient.


INTENSIFY your client's EveryDay Magic Spray exfoliation: Have client purchase both and pour Deep 6 into spray. Remember to shake well!!



Sarhanne Thompson: Owner, Licensed Esthetician Facial Effects Spa -Vancouver, WA

Bikini Kitty has been a great asset to my salon! I am an organic business, so I enjoy the fact that it is chemical & paraben free! My clients love the "Trauma Drama" and the Bikini Kitty kits that I can send home with them after their waxing appointments! My clients are seeing less ingrowns, smoother skin, and less pain during waxing. I personally love the bikini kitty shave kit, as it leaves my skin satin smooth. I'd recommend any day spa or salon to carry Bikini Kitty, for it truly works! Thank you!