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Natural ~ Organic ~ Effective ~ All Skin Types

Clients who understand and use quality home care will build your business - both with retail sales and repeat business - because your services will be perfect - and last longer than any other spa they have tried in the past. Educate them!

What's up pussy-cat?






Go Custom ~

Yes to your own logo labels: You have a very strong brand and a very busy location that is highly recognized in your community and recommend by name by your clientele. You plan to keep this name/brand for some time. You are a strong sales person who finds retailing a joy!

You have the time & patience: Custom labeling usually adds about 1-2+ weeks delivery turnaround onto any order once we have your labels/graphics ready (product labels are run on-demand). The price of all bottle costume labels (once you have paid for the design fee) is the same price as Bikini Kitty labeled products. The only cost will be replenishing the Kit Package Card (run 100 ct at a time/apx. $40).

Go with Kitty ~

Don't pick Custom just for fear of competition: Once you are part of the Bikini Kitty family, we include BK branded, point of purchase material for your space. We link to your site/faceBook page and post you on our 'Shop Local' map at We NEVER undercut out retail partners on price. Once your clients know about Bikini Kitty - yes, they can come to our site - but that is a GREAT educational device. They will learn more about the brand, how it's best used and get excited about being a 'Bikini Kitty'. Online, retail orders add on the time and cost of shipping. We have no designs to steal your clients! The more you sell and build relationships in person, the stronger the sales are for ALL OF US!

Yes to Bikini Kitty Labels: Bikini Kitty has been building her brand for over 8 years and continues to develop relationships with bloggers, fashion and fitness groups to expand the brand name. As a retail partner you can ride the rising tide of Bikini Kitty brand loyalty and awareness. And besides, Kitty is cute!

Go with Kitty's Bloomquist option~

One more option: Bikini Kitty offers the Bloomquist Botanicals labeling option. This is a clean, unisex, spa-centric label option that we do keep on hand (no down time of costume labeling). This label option is not sold online.

How to decide?



How to start?

The custom/private labeling has a $175 set-up fee to set-up your logo, info and color match, into the four (4) Product Labels and (1) - 2-Sided Package/User Direction Card.

Starting with the design of custom labels orders can take 4-6 weeks.

Orders then placed with custom labels usually need 1-2 weeks to fill as the individual product labels are printed to order.

Orders then placed are at the same prices you see on our invoice.

Items ordered then need to be made in six-count increments; 6,12,18, etc.


 $175. Set-Up for Custom Labels

Design fees cover: Key selling Product Labels & Insert Card

Four (4) Product Labels of our best selling Spa items.

Product Labels are printed 'on-demand' for each order as it is placed. There is no difference in the pricing you would then pay for our regular Bikini Kitty labeling for the products you order.

1) Exfoliation Spray Kit size 2 oz.

2) Exfoliation Spray Replenish size 4 oz.

3) Spa Body Brush

4) Healing spray 2 oz. (optional 4 oz)



What's included?



Product labels for key selling items


One (1)- 2-sided, Package/User Direction Card is 3x5 and printed in batches of min. 100 pc. First run is included in initial set-up fee - subsequent orders are approximately $30 for run of 100 pc.

Allow 14-20 day lead time.

You DO NOT need to order 100 kits - we just need your package cards on hand and ready for your orders.

Kit Card

Example Visual on User Direction Card for 2 pc Kits - fits both 2 or 4 oz kits in bag.


You may 'name' each product or leave them the same. Type fonts are limited to what we have on hand. Location of text blocks is to remain the same.


If you want more flexibility or customization in your design, eMail us for a quote.



Zenana Spa & Wellness Center, March 2010 Blog - Portland, OR

Let us let you in on a few secretes: Esthetician advocate exfoliation as the key to achieving the best waxing results- the Waxy Kitten Kit has two of the best exfoliation treatments available. Using exfoliation techniques before and after your professional waxing appointment will give you smooth and sexy results. What’s even better? Waxy Kitten’s exfoliation ingredients are all natural so they are purr-fect even on sensitive skin- no alcohol, no salicylic acid.