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Bikini Kitty was developed by Alex Bloomquist after years and years of trying to solve the problem of the perfect bikini area shave for herself.

Over 10 years of working in cosmetics for a variety of lines developed Alex's intense interest in ingredients and lead her to develop her own bikini shave solution! A solution that would actually get results. A solution with natural, organic ingredients that worked! A solution that would work for her - and her product savvy friends... Male and Female.

Tired of dealing with the problem of ingrown hair and razor rash- Alex was one paycheck away from going 'laser'. But the cost, mixed results and long term effects - held her back. She knew there was information she needed to know about how to shave well. She would give it one more try.



At work, Alex had seen several products claiming to solve the problem of ingrown hair. Some did help - but none seemed to solve the entire problem. It became clear to Alex that this problem was more than one product alone could handle.

Reading labels, study of active ingredients helped Alex narrow down what ingredients would actually help. Yet it was not to all be found in ONE little bottle.

Alex knew from years in the 'Beauty Business', that if a product is not properly used, it can not deliver the promised results. That is why the kit is a full system - the tools AND the information you need to get the best results...


You will get great results with Bikini Kitty... PLEASE, READ ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS- AT LEAST ONCE! Evaluate your results, modify your habits and be consistent... You can condition your skin to accept 'the shave' (or wax).




If the act of shaving helped to created the ingrown hair - and the resulting treatment couldn't counteract the poor shave.. the problem just snowballed into defeat. Addressing the pre-shave (or wax), shave and post-shave(wax) actions and providing active products - created a SYSTEM that could effectively eliminate ingrown hair and razor rash once and for all!


The hair along your bikini line and underarms is different than anywhere on your body. Thicker, curly hair on fold-y, stretchy skin, can lead to all kinds of hair removal problems. Treat this area differently than you would the smooth, tight skin along your legs. Slow down and give your Kitty the proper treatment - whether you wax or shave - and you will see a smoother, sexier skin emerge.

Small, simple steps that addresses the unique area of the bikini line and underarms would help the products work to eliminate and prevent the ingrown hair.


Alex pulled together all of the result effective 'tricks' she could find - and Bikini Kitty was born! This system's wide approach - solves the problem like no other! It has worked for too many Kitties to count - from the USA to around-the world. Bikini Kitty's shave kits are truly unique in their approach of solving the problem of razor rash and ingrown hair.

Bikini Kitty's system includes exfoliation and proper shave tricks that include-

From the Japanese Bath House: Dry, pre-shower body brushing

Natural, active ingredients: Fruit-hydroxy exfoliants

'Retro', proper shave techniques: Razor Oil and Single Blade Razors

Maximizing soothing hydration: Cucumber distillate, NON-foaming shave gel




You'll be more confident having 'guests' over if the play room is tidy!

Bikini Kitty's greatest advantage is the ability to get a great bikini area shave WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW YOU like it... in the privacy of your own home. And if you are a bit more 'high' maintenance, Bikini Kitty also works great for WAXERS - between and as a prep for getting a great wax.

Bikini Kitty will help to make ANY baring garment, bikinis (or lingerie), look sooo much better! You can always be public-presentable with Bikini Kitty at your side!



Bikini Kitty Kits are as cute as they are effective.

They make a great honeymoon gift, travel gift - especially for those tropical vacations in the dead of winter! 'Cruise Season' is Bikini Kitty's busiest time of year! We now offer travel approved, TSA sizes for your next trip!


Bikini Kitty also has your man covered with natural, organic shave gear!


If you or your man is in the Military, Contact Us for your Service Discount!



"Read and plan to follow the included directions - BEFORE you are standing wet and naked in your shower - or at your waxing appointment!!"

- Bikini Kitty & Alex


Alex Bloomquist: Owner, Ingredient Freak, Problem Solver- Portland, OR

I am not only the inventor and owner of Bikini Kitty, I'm also a long time - and continuing user of the products! I made Bikini Kitty to solve my own problems with irritation and ingrown hair! I tried MANY products. I tested MANY different approaches. I finally found one that works for me and so many others. I continually watch, read and keep up-to-date on what's new on the market. Read the ingredients of other products... and know that Bikini Kitty has what it takes to do what it says!